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Manifold Upgrade vs Serpentine Belt

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I'm collecting parts to swap in the '99 intake manifold. Scored

the manifold, along with PS pump and bracket, at the JY yesterday

for $50. Took it to the hot tank folks today for cleaning.

This looks to be a pretty straightforward swap, other than the

difference in vacuum connections. Anyone who has done this,

and is willing to post an image of those connection changes,

would be a hero. In figuring out the belt difference, I made this

image that shows the routing difference and part number difference

in case anyone else is thinking of going down this trail:

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Your belt routing is correct. Four additional small things you might need to do are:


1. Change out or modify the bracket that holds the fuel lines on the bottom of the manifold. The mounting is different. I just used an additional OEM hose clamp on the bottom of the original bracket to provide a three-point mount as on the original.


2. The front fuel line nipple on the rail will have to be bent back to the rear very slightly to relieve pressure on the quick connector caused by the sharp bend in the plastic fuel line as you route it under the manifold. I used an 04 Wrangler PS pump, so depending on the pump you use it may not be a problem.


3. The O2 sensor harness will pass closer to the headers due to the newer manifold, so I wrapped it in heat protection wrap. If you have the stock header it may not be a problem.


4. Check the new belt after the install as it will be riding very close to the old idler pulley boss. I ground about 1/4" off to make sure it didn't rub.


As far as the vacuum connections, I had a box full of vacuum lines and fittings from various Mercedes' I used to have, and I just made up my own connections using mostly those parts. I can take a better pic tomorrow if you need it, but it's not difficult. Did not have to change out any fittings on the manifold.



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Damn Don, so clean. :bowdown: Do you ever drive that thing? ;)


Drive it a lot Mike, thanks. Did a trip to Boston in September to attend my aunt's 100th birthday and pulled a parts MZ motorcycle I picked up on the way back in NC on my bike trailer. The stroker has about 40K on it now, still running great. :cheers:

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All great tips, thanks Don. Unless I up the displacement (on my

"dream about" list), I'm going to just keep the stock header - don't

see any reason to change it out-yet. Also, I'm probably going to go

to AN-type fuel lines. Something about high pressure fuel, in plastic,

next to high temp parts, just bugs me. Seems like I have 5 or 6

vacuum lines right now, but should be no big deal to gang some of

them together. Finally, I'm still figuring the gasket dilemna. The

good folks at FelPro list gasket "X" (actually MS94790) for the 1992

and gasket "Y" (MS93094) for the 1999. The bolt pattern and port

spacing appear same (haven't laid them both together yet), but

the exhaust port holes look larger on the 92 gasket. Might have to

do some gasket trimming? Thanks!

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My cylinder head is from a 96 (casting #0630) and I used the MS94790 gasket - no problems. If you have a Dremel recommend you do a little grinding around the ports knocking off the little casting bumps and rough edges before installing. Helps the flow. :cheers:

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