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WJ with NP231?


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Great article in JP magazine about that a few years ago.


http://www.jpmagazine.com/techarticles/ ... index.html




That is a 242 swap article. There has been a few that have installed the 231 in a WJ but they can't get the speedo working. The WJ speedo is run off the rear diff through the sensor on the T-case.


In 2000-2002 you could get a WJ with a 242. These are practically a bolt in. You will need a new rear drive shaft, shifter plate, and the linkage. All this can be found on car=part.com.

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Alright, I let him know. Unfortunately he's under the impression that the only way this is fixable is by buying a $700 247 off of ebay...


Obviously I'm not too up on the world of the WJ, but the problem is described as "it gets up to 70 just fine, then it starts slowing down, so it's obviously the T-case."



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