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Cone filter vs Swiss Cheese Stock Box with K&N

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Has anyone converted over to the cone filter and noticed an honest improvement in mileage, performance, engine rev, or throttle response?



I ask because the surface area on a stock filter is actually greater than that of the cone filter sold by Rusty's for our trucks. (89 4.0 renix) So the only fault i see with the stock box and Filter is the 3x4 air inlet at the front, however there's not much other area for cool air to enter.


It appears to me the cone filter may pull more air (or have more air) available with out a choke point, however over half the filter is pulling direct motor heat and the other half is using ambient motor heat, and air that passed through the radiator. This would be especially true when driving slowly on trails.


I was debating on ducting a second intake to the stock box, or "swiss cheese" it with several holes all over the lower section.


Thoughts and opinions appreciated.

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i had the rusty's kit and felt nothing. i ended up putting the stock box on with an AFE filter and opening up the small rectangle hole in the front of the box for more airflow. i don't think you will get notociable power increase from either. even with the bored out throttle body and header/catback i didnt notice a huge increase. if its lifted and has bigger tires, gears in my opnion would be more useful than a bunch of small boltons. my 2¢

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