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Hub removal problem

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So for 2 days I have been trying to get the front hub off of the passenger side of my 88 4wd comanche 4cyl/4 speed.

I took off the axle shaft nut and the three bolts holding the hub to steering knuckle.

The hub will not budge. I used a 3 jaw puller and no go..The hub will not come off.

I assume the hub is rusted on to the steering knuckle. How can I get this off..

Tomorrow I am borrowing an air chisel and trying to bust it loose. I have been spraying with pb blaster and hitting the mounting flange of the hub with a hammer and chisel..It just won't budge. It does look like the axle is moving a little in the bearing so I think it is the flange stuck to the steering knuckle. I am afraid to put too much pressure with the puller only because I don't want to hurt the axle shaft itself or the rear gear by pushing the axle into it.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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