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*Quick shout out to btm24 for the welcome*


Hello, ComancheClub! My name is Stephen, and I like Jeeps, especially Comanches. When I was a little kid, I saw them and for some reason took a liking to them. Now god knows how many years later, my much more informed self has decided joining a forum for them would be a good idea for when I inevitably purchase one in the future.


I'm 22 years old and live in Illinois (about an hour east of automan2164). I'm currently a driver for a graphic arts company, and while I enjoy the work, there isn't always work to be had, meaning cash isn't always handy. This is what currently prevents me from owning a Comanche of my own at the moment. My Jeep experience is limited to a friend who absolutely loves his 01 GC, and a stint of driving a family owned 94 GC from November '08 to May '09. That single winter alone was enough to convince me to buy a Jeep someday.


However, my beginnings are with Japanese cars, specifically Acura Integra's. I've been around once since I was six, and in May '09, I purchased one as my first car. I've been in love with the car since the day I bought it, something I'm sure all of you can understand. It's been my baby and my project, and I hope my future Comanche can be the same too, as well as a daily driver during the winter.


My car knowledge is around average, but I learn more everyday, and I love learning new things about my favorite vehicles. Give me enough time, and I'll probably be spouting Jeep chassis and engine code names as easily as I do Integras. I'm also on a car forum for them as well, so I have a lot of forum experience at least.


Well, that should about cover it. I look forward to learning more about one of my favorite Jeeps; and the people who drive them!

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An hour east of Bobert... and you are real close to being wet...


Welcome to our neighborhood of goofballs.

Er... make that southeast.


Make that stabbed/shot/carjacked then.





Yup.... and two hours east of me...

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Welcome again :wavey: and I know you will enjoy Comanches just as much if not more then you did/do your cars. Glad I got to be the first one to welcome you :D


Also I hope you understand that, that one nice $900 MJ is a rare find for any one but you should beable to pick one up for $1,500 give or take. Good luck :popcorn:



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