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And it begins.


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So it made it. My 1987 Jeep Comanche MJ. Some things I am impressed with, somethings, a little let down. I expected the worst so it was a breath of fresh air when I got to inspect it and it was much better then anticipated. It definatly has more things on it then the guy put in the description. Surface rust seems to be the biggest issue underneath, although again, not as bad as i thought, frame is pretty clean.



So here it is in my driveway. Glad it has solid tube bumpers already. That cuts out a step. Body is solid with a few spots of rust.

Image Not Found



Inside needs a radio and speakers...not that bad. Window vents are trashed. No headliner. No drivers side seatbelt and the drivers window crank needs replacing. Seats are going away, doors too for half doors.

Image Not Found




Leaf springs and rear axle have a fair amount of surface rust, those are going bye bye anyway. Shocks need to be replaced. Going with springs a 4 link.




As far as I can tell those are Rubicon Express upper and lower adustable control arms. Not sure of the spring. Stainless steel brake lines too. Front shocks are not bad, but will be replaced.

Image Not Found




Engine looked ALOT cleaner then I thought. Looks like all the hoses were replaced recently. It does have a slow drip oil leak. I havnt really dug to far into it to see where it is coming from.

Image Not Found


And of course....A poser shot.



Image Not Found


I am getting a couple D44 to throw underneath it. Frame reinforcement, armor all around, cageing it somehow, not sure at this point. Working out the details on a few things before everything is concrete. The sawzall and torch party is about to begin.

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