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I like you guys better over here so I'm asking an XJ tech ?

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Before I drive 200 miles to pick this up.......


I talked to the mother of the kid selling and she says that because of the lift it is difficult to put it in 4x4. What could be the cause of this? I have yet to speak to the father and maybe he'll be more definitive but.........



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Who knows? It sounds like they bought it with the lift, so they have no idea. Maybe it's actually normal but they're used to Fords and Chevvies with push-button 4WD. Or ... whoever did the lift might have installed a transfer case drop and messed up the linkage.

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Could be that they didn't put a motor mount lift or the linkage from handle to tcase is lose.


If you find out where exactly that Cherokee is I can go look at it. I'm in fort mill sc.





Here's a link that would indicate how much I would appreciate that- http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=93819


I'm looking for a decent replacement for the 98 that my wife totaled last week.


I'll email her and find out what corner its on.



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9 of 10 times ive even bothered trying on craigs list the person selling is full of crap. once i got up to meet a guy in nashville early in the morning. thats a 45 minute drive, no big deal, but i had to get up super early. called the guy like 8 times to no avail, so i got pissed and went and spent all the cash i had withdrawn on yardsales :brows: had much more fun that way anyway. some bad situations end up good :yes:

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Some people are just idjits.


Many years ago, I finally decided to sell the last of my pony cars, a 1968 Javelin that I bought new while I was in Vietnam so it would be waiting for me when I came home. I had just put a fresh engine in it, but I was married and looking for a more practical vehicle so the Javelin had to go. My then-wife's mother lived right on a major road in the town where she grew up, and we lived in a condo off a side street, so we parked it in front of the mother-in-law's house with a 'For sale" sign and phone number in the window.


Several days later I got a call from a guy who had seen the car and just HAD to have it. We arranged for me to meet him at the MIL's house at 6:00 p.m. the next evening, after I got off work. (Mind you, this was a 45 minute drive -- each way -- from where I lived.) So I was there at 5:45. 6:00 came and went -- no buyer. 6:30 came and went -- no buyer. Around 6:45 I called the number he had given me. His father answered, and told me his son had gone out drinking with some of his buddies. I explained who I was and what was supposed to be going down, gave him the MIL's phone number (this was LONG before cell phones), and asked him to have his son call if he heard from him.


At 7:30 there was a knock on the door. MIL answered. It was a really nice looking, clean-cut kid and his girlfriend. They were driving by, saw the car, and wondered if it was still for sale. I told him it was. We went for a test drive, he loved the car, we settled on a price close to what I was asking, and he gave me a $100 cash down payment. Done. By the time he left, it was probably 8:30.


Around 8:45 the phone rang. It was the original buyer, calling to say he was on his way. I told him not to bother, that the car was sold. Holy hand grenade, Batman -- the guy went ballistic. He started ranting and raving that that was HIS car and I had NO RIGHT to sell HIS car after he had said he wanted it (which he hadn't, we were meeting so he could decide IF he wanted it), he was going to sue me, he was going to track me down and f*** me over, yada yada.


I finally broke in, told him to shut the f*** up, reminded him that we had an appointment for 6:00 and it was now 9:00, so he only himself to blame ... and I reminded him that I was a Vietnam combat veteran so if he wanted to come f*** me over he'd better bring several large friends. Never heard from him again.


But they're out there.

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