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Where can i find this?

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i got mine from a 96 xj but I'm sure they'll work all the way up to 2000. just make sure to grab both lines and the fitting that goes in the manifold. theres a link around here somewhere. if you search youll probably find it here. i think i paid 8 bucks for all of it at pull a part. plus it cuts out the whole blow-by issue.


edit. youll also have to buy a new gasket for it though. old and new valve cover gaskets are different.

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I just did this. I got my cover from a 94 wrangler. IF your cover is metal pull it and clean it up and re-use it. IF not, get a metal cover. Make sure you get the RUBBER gasket for it. The cork gasket will not work. You can get a new gromet from Napa, along with an elbow that fits. Before I had the metal cover, I used a grommet from Napa, and a plumming elbow from the hardware store, and it worked great. Just some ideas on the cheap. Do a search for 2.5L valve cover, and you should come up with my DIY post.


Edit: The gasket MUST be for the year valve cover you get!

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xComancheKidx: YES, that is the part you need. Also, pick up a short section of 1/2 inch vacuum hose to replace the piece on the end that connects to it (held on by a zip tie in your photo) Use a hose clamp rather than a zip tie to secure it to both ends.


(You can do the same thing with a rubber grommet from Napa (about $5) a short piece of 1/2" vacuum tube (about $1) and an elbow from the hardware store (about $2)



Fiatslug87: While I know that that part would replace what he has, and work well, he doesn't need all the extra stuff, and what he has can be fixed with individual parts for less than $10. Seems like alot of extra just to get one hose fixed.

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