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Saved from the crusher


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So I've been mancheless for quite a while now. I was at my LJY and spotted an amazingly straight 4x4 MJ on the loader about to be prepped for crushing. :eek: Further inspection revealed a 4.0 under the hood and a 5 speed in the floor. I couldn't stand to let this girl go. The wiring was obviously part of the reason the PO had given up on it. The rodents had been working on most of the insulation and had caused some issues.

After forking out scrap price for it and a 91 AX tranny I headed home to get a trailer. After two days of wiring (and praying the engine was somewhat ok) it is once again alive and doesn't smoke.


I went back to the same JY and to my surprise there was a 99 XJ that had been hit in the rear. Someone had beat me to the header panel but I was more interested in the wiring and interior. I now have the entire XJ sitting at my shop for gutting.


And so my project begins.


repair DS floor. The truck spent some time up north

99 interior, front clip and doors.

99 wiring of course

bucket seats from XJ

a lift is in the future... I will need a job before that happens

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Thanks, I plan on bypassing the Neutral safety. I will also lose the 4WD indicator light(91 xfr case). Not a big deal. If it bothers me down the road, a micro switch on the shifter will fix that.

I'm at the point in the build now where I have to make a bunch of changes to do any one change. Being unemployed gives me plenty of time as long as I can keep it cheap.

This is what I have.

My currently running 88 short block.

'91 HO head, already ported and valves ground.

'99 intake and injectors.

'99 full wiring harness, short the headliner stuff. someone beat me to that.

'99 fenders and doors.

AX/15 w/ internal slave. (hey it was free and freshly rebuilt) funny story on that.


I picked up a '91 HO engine/tranny and xfr. It had started knocking shortly after it was rebuilt. :hmm:

Can't complain about free.....

After removal of the oil pan the problem was apparent. :doh: a little blue shop towel sucked up in the pickup.

Needless to say the crank and rod bearings are shot. Half of the rod caps were on backwards anyways so at least I got a head and barely run .060" over pistons out of the deal.


Job hunting this week so progress will be slow.

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Good save and great start!


Thanks man, I have to say, you have one sweet rig.


Thanks brother, its just one big ole expensive contraption. I'm scared of wiring and would probably never test the waters you've plunged well deep into. Sounds like you've got it under wraps though. I'll be following cause I want to see you pull it off and have a kick A MJ.

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So I'm two weeks into the swap. Things are going smooth so far. I will have some pics soon. I have the dash mounted and the wiring harness in. I started mounting the'99 fuel pump to the '88 pickup unit. (will show how in pics) :wrench:

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Engine and tranny are in. Crossmember lacks an inch to bolt up. Has anyone ran into this? It's an inch behind the rear most set of holes in the frame. I'm just curious before I fab a new crossmember.

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