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manche vids..


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Well Back in the Day when the MJ was running....


http://videoserver.hot4x4.ca/Sunrise-La ... anSRCD.mpg


Man I miss those days... :cry: :cry: This having to pay for a roof over my head sure cut into the MJ fund Big time...


OH.. and here's a huge video of me playing in some mud!!.. I really hate mud, but because this was the only way to get through the trail, I entertained myself for a while!!!!... Man was that a mess!!!


http://videoserver.hot4x4.ca/Ruby-Creek ... stepCD.mpg



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regger: that second video was great! and your manche sounds nice!


what did you have for lift and tars at the time?


Thanks, The sounds comes from a Header, with a glass pack and straight pipe... Glass pack was only to get it through inspection... The cat is also hollowed out for inspection... It dumps out just in front of the rear wheel.


At that time I had a mix and match to get me 6" of lift, running 33x12.5's..


It was a great combination, and I probably would still be runnning it that way if I didnt get a DD, and decided to upgrade the axles... 4 years later, and I'm still "upgrading" the MJ...




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ERG! Video cuts off. Did you make it?



Cole, I got a good laugh at of your vid. Goodthing you've got a shortbox.


yea i made it haha i stoped and got out after i did to look at the damage.


here's a vid i took when it was snowy and icey out the other day..prolly not the smartest thing to do in a manche......but i had fun


http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... 1762989706

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