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2 WD Ball Joints replacement/ parts & labor ?

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The only thing difficult is removing the old joints. If there is a auto parts store near you maybe they have the tool for loan. It looks like a C clamp.The factory service manual is the best reference but both Haynes and Chilton show the procedure. I have taken a bolt, or pin that fit in the hole and hammered them out. Same thing driving the new one in.

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Last time I got a tool from O'reillys, I was told to get it back "whenever". Apparently that particular branch didn't lend out their valve spring compressor much.




I bought the el' cheapo version from harbor freight since it does U-joints too. I've found other uses for it too.


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i used the one from autozone and there was no time limit. ive also used the one from harbor freight and they are exactly the same thing. its like 69 bucks to buy from harbor freight and 106-109 after tax from autozone. which you get every penny back when you take it back. itd be worth having if you had the extra cash but if not i wouldnt sweat it.

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