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Problems visiting the comanche club.

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Ok call me crazy, but every once in a while when I go to my web browser and type in http://www.comancheclub.com it takes me to "the web ring" and theres a picture of the comanche club but I can't for the life of me get here. so I go up to history and click on http://www.comancheclub.com/index and there ya have it. So whats up with that?

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I still get the stupid web ring thing too sometimes, theres really no rhyme nor reason to when it pops up, but like was stated, go to history, and then click on CC with the index listed, and it will usually stop for a little while. And if I'm on a public computer it comes up, I usually just go to google search, search CC, and click on the address with index listed with it to get here. WHere theres a will theres a way.

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