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fuel sending unit full/empty resistance?

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Well, It just so happens that I picked up a JY sending unit off a renix today for install tomorrow. (Hopefully it works, I would love to know how much gas I have)


Assuming I remember when i'm out there working on it I can put a meter across it and check. Then again I won't be able to test it till Friday when the alternator get here. I know I am wanting to test both and compare them agains each other anyhow.

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The range for the Renix was 0 to 88 ohms. 0 = Empty, 88 = Full.


Do you recall offhand were to take the reading? I am thinking from the violet wire at the fuel pump connector to ground, right? (I still havn't been out there to work on the MJ, both the XJ and my wifes minivan needed my attention this week)

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