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help diagnose please

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my 88 4.0 mj is acting up it seems like it won't get fuel and just go dead at times while driving or idle at stop sign and my battery keeps going dead i replaced the battery and the fuel filter i go outside to go to work and the brand new battery is dead ? ? any help is greatly appreciated

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I would start by checking the charging system. If you don't have enough power because of a bad alternator it could cause the problem you are seeing.


Does your MJ have a volts gauge or just a fault light? What readings (voltage wise) do you get across the battery terminals with the truck running and off? Do you have aftermarket stuff installed that might be drawing power even with the truck off?


(for example: A friend had an under hood light that the switch failed in the on position, it stayed on at all times and repetedly killed his battery till he figured it out. Funny thing, he never thought to check because he only saw it on while the hood was open, like it was supposed to be. Like wondering if the refriderator light is still on when the door is closed.)


Another possibillity is that you have more than one problem, but lets look at the power issue first.


Edit: By the way, welcome to the board.

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I went through the same problem with my Cherokee this fall. It turned out that my battery cables were corroded and they had gotten too close to the engine because the previous owner routed them wrong, so the insulation melted off and exposed the cables. New cables and battery fixed it right up!

Lesson learned; always check your grounds and cables first, as it is usually the simple things that get overlooked.

Also sounds like either your fuel pump is on it's way out and/or your ballast resistor, I'd check them out as well.

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