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Cannot find part for D44 rear brakes

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Was working on redoing the brakes on the D44 in the cheromanche I'm working on. I got the hardware kit in and got the passenger side almost done. Went to take off the drivers side drum and was a little hard to get off. Figured it was siezed a little from PO so started tapping it with a hammer to break it free. Well I got it to break free and slid the drum off to find absolute horror: :eek:


Then if that wasn't bad enough I found this little jewel laying in the bottom: :doh:


In all my time doing brakes, especially drums I've NEVER seen anything even close to this bad. Hardware, shoes, wheel cylinder are no problem as I'm replacing that anyways. One of my problems is where to get that cross bar and spring from as no local parts stores carry it, cannot find a replacement on rock auto or summitracing. The next problem I have is both rear parking brake cables are rusted tight and will not budge so I'm trying to find a replacement for them as well, and not having much luck in finding a replacement for them. If anyone on here has an idea of what to do I'm all ears.

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Not sure what year you have, but for 1992 (and probably same for other years),

the parking brake strut (the bar) looks to be PN 8350-4372 LH and 8350-4373 RH

The spring is 8350-4310. They are all available here: http://www.moparonlineparts.com/

and will cost you about $26 total. Or check your local dealer. The

E-brake cables look to be available from RockAuto in Wagner, Dorman, and Bendix.


Those are a mess!!!!

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Old topic, but I'm in the middle of a zj conversion and I'm at 180 out of pocket and that's with new outer bearings and seals, new pads, new rotors, new retainers, custom made preload shims, and custom made ebrake adapters.  

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Yah I was finally able to find the bar i needed after digging through the book at advance. The bar came from an older ford I believe and fit perfectly, just kept it drums for now for the ease of parts, will eventually swap over to rear disks when it gets lifted and the gears get changed.

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