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Double checking!

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Just want to make sure I have everything I need to put my lift on.. Ill be going 6.5 and SOAing the rear and id like to do this without having to make any trips to the store when I'm halfway there :doh:

I have coils, adj upper and lower control arms new adj trackbar and mount(thanks again Sinkrun) new YJ brakelines, new 95 Dakota brakeline for the rear, I'm getting skyjacker 6.5 shocks this week, bought 15x8 d-windows with 33s today, have new brake pads for all around that I'll put on too and I'm getting a new u-joint for the rear driveshaft Thursday... Perches are ordered thanks to eagles link :wavey:

I hope I have everything and would like to thank those who have answered all my questions!


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The Dakota line will do for DD...and I forgot to mention the ubolts :doh: my driveshaft should be fine if I read correctly... I have ax15 and a dana44 so it's the same length as a aw4-d35 driveshaft right?


Yes, but a stock driveshaft is not the same length as a 6.5" lift driveshaft..

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I think if I was doing 6 1/2 inches. even with adjustable contol arms, I think I would like some control arm drop brackets. youd get a better ride, and maybe even better flex. I'm not sure what you plan for offroading, but if you plan for a lot of on road, I think the drop brakets would make a much nicer ride.

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