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check out the prices here.


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I have bought there rockers have not put them on but they are nice and hope to get it in the body shop in 1-2 weeks with my tax check.


Why not put them on yourself? they are easy to do, other then paint. and how do they match up? Cuz both of mine are rotting out :(



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yeah that is pretty cheap. curious about the quality though


these side marker lights they have are money in the pocket. much better than any brittle junkyard deal.


50 bones for a 97+ header. NTB for brand new.


All those parts are just what any aftermarket collision repair place will have(with perhaps exception of the floor pans or rockers).


Things like the lights, grills, etc are all great quality, and why pay $10 for a used light at a junkyard when you can get a new one for $12 thats perfect brand new looking?


The fenders will be of a thinner gauge, and fitment isn't quite right. But they are perfectly useable.


The 97+ header will be crap made of plastic. You have to pay real money to get a good header panel.

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I used one of their floor pans to replace my non-existent driver side floor. Ordered mine through Rock Auto, paid just under $50 including shipping.


They are quite beefy, but are designed for a Cherokee. Cherokee and Comanche floors are non the same, so I had to make some modifications to make it fit. Still worked out better than trying to make one myself out of a flat sheet of steel like I did my F100 many years ago.

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