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New Comanche Owner in Oregon


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This week I bought a new to me 89 base Comanche 4x4 that looks pretty straight and rust free with a 5 speed manual (not sure yet which one) and a well used (200K+ mile) 4.0 that started on the first twist of the the ignition key. It just showed up on a used car lot I drive past frequently, so I stopped in and bought it on the spot. Still have to arrange the logistics of picking it up sometime next week, so the only pictures I have are a couple of shots from my cell phone.


I almost bought one of these new in 89, but got a Shelby Dakota (1 of 1500) instead. I still have the Dakota and use it for bracket drag racing. My plans for the Comanche are to build it up for moderate wheeling. I also currently own some other 4x4s including a 76 Dodge PowerWagon Club Cab, a Dodge 2500 Cummins and a 2008 Jeep JK Unlimited which has been heavily modded. The Comanche will inherit the Warn M8000 from the JK, so I guess the first couple of mods will be a 3 to 4" lift and a front bumper.





Here's a picture of my JK


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Clean looking MJ :thumbsup: Where’s the pic of the Dakota?


It's kind of off topic for this forum, but I'll see if I can find a pic to post. By the way, the first time I raced the Dakota was at SIR outside of Kent. I drove all the way up there because I was too nervous to race anywhere someone might recognize me. Won that first race when my opponent red lit.



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A few (10+) years ago I built a red convertible Dakota into a convertible Shelby clone. I wish I would have kept that truck. It was a fun piece.


I am a Shelby Dodge fanatic, hence the screen name.


Me too. I used to have an 88 CSX-T Shadow that I traded for an 89 Chrysler TC by Maserati, but I still have this red 93 former SCCA pace car that was autographed by Carroll Shelby when he drove it at a Viper Club Homecoming at Indy. This was taken just after I bought my JK in 2008.



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Here is my former 84 Rampage I sold (miss it still)




I still have my 87 Shelby Charger. I bought it in 97 with 59K. It currently has 71K on it.




I have owned a Turbo Mini (built with the help or Gus Mahon, Paul Smith, Gary Donovan, and Mike DeMoss), A bunch of Shelby Daytonas (87-89), a IROC R/T, and a Spirit R/T. I am on the hunt for another Page or Scamp or a Turbo Mini.

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