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What's up with the Door hinge

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When I bought my recent Comanche the drivers door hinge was loose and someone had stuck a shim in there to stabilize it. Now the passenger hinge is coming loose. They are disconnecting from the body as if they wer not attached well in the first place. I see no bolts to tighten just a poorly done weld and some caulking.

I'm NOT awelder but it looks to me that it might be a little tricky to do any welding there.

Assuming this is common what have others done? any tricks I should know. Stupid Jeep! :fs1:

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It's a common problem -- common enough that the factory had a reinforcement kit to fix it. There probably aren't any left in the dealer parts system by now, so we're on our own. You're right -- it's a tough weld. The factory kit added straps to increase the length of weld available to hold the hinges.

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Ok..ok.. so you're right I shouldn't call my Jeep stupid. I was just venting. (this excuse never works when I vent at my wife either)

I'll modify my statement (before I modify my hinges)

STUPID people who built Comanche!!! :fs1:


What kind of engineer designs and installs an upper hinge like the one on the Comanche??!!


Thanks for the input and especially for the link. after reading that little fixit guide my get a bigger hammer approach to fixing a problem doesn't look so bad.

Why not bolt it on in the 1st place!

Anybody want my truck? After 10 years of this...I've had enough

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