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Parking Brake

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idk about the foot pedal assembly (which is probably what youre talking about) but i just ordered the front half of the cable that runs from the foot pedal to underneath the bed where it splits off into two cables for each wheel for about $12 before shipping @ rockauto

..they also have the 2nd half which would be the two cables leading to the rear wheels for about the same price

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I don't think there are any aftermarket parts available.


I assumed he was talking about the cable, but I think I may have just been reading too fast. That and I just replaced mine. Which was available for order at oreilly.


However, are you talking about the assembly as in pedal?

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I havent tried it, but I have always thought that it would work. Cable end mount should be the same, you might just have to drill new mounting holes to match the MJ ones, other than that I don't see why it wouldnt work. New ones are still available from the dealer as the YJ ones had a recall on them. We still replace them every once in a while here at the dealership. Good luck.

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