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Broken tailgate lever...

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Went to open the tailgate for the first time since like decemeber and the latch assmebly crumbled in my hands :fs1: I searched on here snd read a thread on getting the assembly and lever from a earlier S-10 but I just want to make sure it'll work before I buy one

Thanks -Nick

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I know where theres a couple in a yard how hard are they to remove and what tools do I need? I may be heading up there soon.

Very easy to remove, you need either Torx bits or regular sockets, I've seen trucks with both. Here's a link with more details half way down.


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In order for one to make their own they must first open the tailgate! Which I don't know how to do! I see the little scissor mechanism but I can't see up above that :help:


There's enough of a gap between the bed, and the tailgate on my MJ to fit a thin flatblade screwdriver, and push the latch back on each side (one at a time), and open it.

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