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Stupid Shackle Question

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Yeah, all street at this point. Had a brain fart when putting the original MJ shackles on backwards. I had some TeraFlex extended shackles on to even up the rear with the front after installing OME front coils previously, but was getting more body roll than I wanted with them, probably because I'm carrying the heavy camper shell. So I sucked it up and put on new metric ton spring packs to compensate for the camper. I didn't want too much lift in the rear with the new packs; the goal was 2" maximum. Ended up netting 1-1/2" using the original MJ shackles, so it worked out okay. It's a very slightly stiffer ride in back, but feels much more secure w. basically zero body roll, so I'm happy. Expect these springs to settle perhaps 1/2" when broken in. So I ended up with an almost perfect 2" - 2-1/2" F/R lift as compared to the original factory specs. Next up will be 31" tires after I wear out the 235/75/15 on it now. I think I should have enough clearance for 31s now??

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