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swapping a 1995 4.0l into an 88

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well I have an 88 jeep renix era 4.0l engine, it knocks badly, and I am swapping to the HO 95 from a rolled jeep on craigslist. The question is with the update to OBD 1 HO engine how much of the wiring will I need from the donor? would it be easier to pull all of the wiring, and using it in the 88? any tips and tricks, or pot holes to watch out for is greatly appreciated. :wrench:

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everything has to be changed to go HO. HO and Renix share a similar setup, but do not share any parts. Chrysler redesigned everything.


What do you gain? not much. unless something is wrong with the truck you have. some of us have annoying corrosion issues in the harnesses. some bought severely neglected trucks. In those type of cases, starting from scratch is a promising prospect.


But if you're up to the task, it's mostly bolt-in. there are some hiccups with the fact that XJs and MJs don't share much in the rear. But nothing that hasn't been solved already by others. :thumbsup:

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Completely true that you would have to re-wire the entire truck to retain the OBD1 control system. Defineately worth mentioning though that, with a few modifications, you can run that engine with the Renix system. Covered on here not long ago: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=27947


I've been running my Renix/HO hybrid since July and it works great, no issues whatsoever. I've even been fortunate enough to be able do get the thing hooked up to a renix compatible scanner and verify that everything is indeed reading and operating as it should, the ol' renix brain is none the wiser that anything has even changed.

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1995 is a Chrysler steering column + airbag Jeep.


Just throwing that in there,

if you end up swapping *everything*,

that would also include dropping the GM column, and adding an airbag (not necessarily a functioning one, that would be up to you).


If you do go with the airbag,

take a look at how they redesigned the seat brackets.

Seems the improved seat mount may have been to brace against the airbag going off.


OBD I swap, good:


improved ability to diagnose


more modern electronics/vehicle electrical system

wider range of availability for replacement & junkyard parts in the future (91-95 vs 87-90)

you don't have to mess around with custom parts (like an HO --> Renix TPS)

Eliminates dreaded Renix C101 connector



OBD I swap, bad:


You have to pull the dash apart, change gauges, and likely 100 other small items you might not have planned on

(esp with 1994 & 1995 donors).

Voltage regulator will become part of your ECM

(= if it goes, you have to replace ECM, or try to rig up an external regulator)

There will have to be some XJ to MJ adaption of the wiring harness

(unless you can come up with a 91-92 MJ harness).

Adding splices/connections for the above could = bootiefab wiring issues down the line.


There's more stuff, but that's a good start. :wrench:

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