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Rear axle question

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Anything will fit with a welder and some perches... But nothing will be "bolt in" except for a Comanche axle. I would make sure that whatever axle you put in has gears that compliment your 2.5L, and that you can easily find a front axle in a Jeep flavor that would have a matching gear set.


Is that what your asking?

Rob L. :dunno:

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I would see if you could find the 4.10's. Also, I think you might want to go for the later years if you are after an 8.8, as they got disc's later on. I am unsure if the early '90's ones sported disc's or drums.


Be aware that the 8.8 is quite a bit narrower than the MJ rear, and will look weird without spacers.


I think. 8)

Rob L.

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What other axles did they offer in the rear for the 2wd comanches? was there any others than d44?

Most Comanches -- 2WD or 4WD -- had a Dana 35 rear axle. From 1986 through 1989 the Dana 35s did not use C-clips to retain the axle shafts. From 1990 through 1992 the Dana 35s were C-clip axles.


The Chrysler 8.25 rear axle that was available in newer Cherokees was not used in the Comanche.


In 1986 only, the standard axle was the Dana 35 and the heavy-duty axle was an AMC Model 20.

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