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steering column

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get an auto one with floor shift ... but the gear shift lock can be lock out, i did it to my - i don't like tilt wheel they are weaker ...so choose wisely ...


I have one with a tree, i want to use this one, question is can I use this one, I'm not asking opinions on which one you think I should use based on weakness, thanks :thumbsup:


as far as I can tell looking at it I should be able to use it and just pull the stick on it. So guess I'll look at mine in the cab tomorrow and go from there I guess.

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Yeas, you can. But I had to tie something up when we did it. I switched from column shift to floor shift and still have the column shift column in the truck. When we did it my buddy tied something with a piece of coat hanger incase someone tries to use the column shift instead of using the floor shift. When we did my buddys, he removed the stalk like you are talking about.

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Finished the install of column and cleaned up the wiring some, unfortunately I need a new fuse block, so handle that when swap out all the wiring for 94 H.O. wiring and install the h.o. under the hood. :D Also yanked the center console for the mini console, as be putting a bench seat back in it so that both kids can ride with Daddy. but for now just put my ammo box in the middle for more storage and keep things protected and give me room to add a couple cup holders for the Dog Party.


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