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found a parts truck

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Found an Comanche pickup at the dump today. I got them to set it aside for me and I intend to take the rear axle assy and the tranny. Its a short bed 4 wheel drive, but the front axle is broken, and the engine is gone. I think it was a 4.0. the stickers are gone, so I can't determine the year. but the body is nice and straight and all the glass is good. Does anyone know the standard rear end ratio for a 4 x 4 5 speed?

If anyone wants anything that I'm not taking, let me know, maybe I can work it out....

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I would take anything Comanche only. That would include the bed, interior, back window, trailer hitch, rear frame brackets, cab metal that is solid (possibly). Otherwise the rest is just XJ. Your ratio should be 3.07-3.55 if 4.0. Make sure its an AX-15 before pulling!


This is what I would do but I also spend lots of money buying spares for my Comanche project and haven't gotten anything free for my Manche so I'd probably be all over a free parts truck.

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The bed is straight and in pretty good shape, as is the tail-gate(one dent). the rear window is a slider from another brand of truck that was ghettoed into this truck. Looks bad. I'll check on the cargo light. the hood release is broken so I can't open it up, but it is straight also. Even if the tranny is a B/A10, i'll snag it cause thats what I'm running now. My truck is a daily driver 4 x 2.

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