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Trip to the Junkyard .....


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I'm buying this bed to replace mine ... This truck is pretty cherry, its sad to see it in the bone yard. Anyone need anything? I'll stop by today and take pix of the interior.


I'm working a package deal for the bed and tailgate and some other stuff. They know me very well and will probably hook me up with other accompaniments if I ask nicely.




Shipping would be from 21014.

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You should grab everything you can afford that's MJ specific. Including that pain in the a-s to get out slider rear window. I/we just pulled one two weeks ago. Using a pc of steel cable it took two people to cut it out.


Do any of um have a receiver hitch?

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I think I PMed all who posted or PMed me, if not shoot me another PM.


More Pix ...... interior ..... and I'll tomorrow I'll push the snow off the hood and snap some pix of the engine ......


Rear driveshaft is good and transfercase and some trans parts.

It has a complete mini consol, and the shift knob is tucked between the seat an consol.


Enjoy the pix


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