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Camper top

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Once upon a time I remember reading something on this board about someone that used a camper top from... I think it was an older s-10... that fit the MJ's box, but was a couple inches short compared to the cab.


I was wondering if anyone could point me back in that direction of that thread. (tried searching, with no sucess)


Anyone have a list somewhere of other trucks with the same size bed? Or am I remembering wrong, and there is no such thing?

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I've been looking for shells for a long time on craigslist. Most of the ads do not give the dimensions of a SWB shell.


The top in the middle is 21.5 inches. The top of an S-10 is 20 inches. I've put a shell from an S-10 just for size and it's noticeably shorter and doesn't quite fit the side to side measurement so there is about an inch on either side. The SWB dimensions:


61.5" wide. Outside width, from flat part of bed rail the flat side of bed rail, not including the bevel.

75" long - outside, from front of top rail of bed to outside downturn of tailgate (aka end of bed rail).

56.25" wide - inside, from rail to rail.

21.5" tall, from top of front bed rail to top of roof.


The closest I've found that fits is from the older version of Ford Ranger. Every one of those I've found has been in ratty shape. The guy in town that sells USED shells won't take measurements for me, or even let me measure them. He just asks what kind of truck I have...and then tells me he's got nuthin' for me.

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the odd thing is that what I really want is a tonneau cover, so height does not really matter.


If I can find a topper I would be all over it, but there is nothing within a drive I can afford to make. Closest one I have found is like 4-500 miles away. At 13 Mpg and $3 a gallon thats about $200 in gas to go fetch it. :P


Sounds like I could order in a cover for an 82-93 S-10 and have it work out, though it may be a shade narrow.

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Find a used tarp thats larger than what you need. Cut the frame down to fit your truck (make sure its one that can be cut) then take the tarp part to a upholstery shop and have them cut down and sew it to a custom fit they can also install snaps. A friend did this with a xtang cover that I bought him at a rummage sale for $10.00.

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Awesome looking top.


Unfortunately I can't find anyone that still carries it. I tried googling by part number, have yet to try le bra's website. It's blocked from work, probably because it has bra in the title.

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