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fuel tank cleaning

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I used two 2 liter bottles of Coke and a few 6" sections of chain. You will need a buddy to help shake the tank. Drain the tank then used some Purple Power and the chain to clean the rest of the gunk out.


The Coke will soften the rust and the PP will clean the rest.

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and yeah tractor doesnt make sense lol

Of course it doesn't make since. We're talking red neck engineering at its finest. It never seems makes since but somehow it miraculously works.


No more pain in the a-s manual labor of sloshing, shaking, rattling and rolling a gas tank. With a little red neck engineering you can have your very own tank tumbler. After you've put whatever cleaning concoctions you've come up with into the tank and taped up the holes, all ya gotta do now is wrap your tank in a pc of old carpet and then ratchet strap it to the outside of one of your tractor wheels. Jack up the rear end of your tractor, fire it up, put it in whatever gear gives you a nice tumble speed and let it tumble for as long as you want. (in both forward and reverse)


No, this won't work on all tanks. Best tanks for this are somewhat square. Length doesn't matter. Long flat tanks don't work as well unless you strap it to the wheel at an angle ( / ) and flip it over for the second half of your tumble time. Square tanks need to be rotated a quarter of a turn half way through your tumble time.


Wrapping the tank with carpet is optional. (but it sure does cut down on the noise) If you don't wrap it , you'll still need to use some carpet or some other padding between the wheel and the tank. It protects the tank and helps hold it in place.


Yall thought I was kidding didn't ya. I guarantee 30 minutes done like this works better than hours of shaking, rattling and rolling one by hand.

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