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forum software update happening tonight

Pete M

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alrighty then. guess I needed to be more explicit when I asked our host IF it was possible to revert back to the previous day. Seems they took that as a please do it. and so they did.


Can't wait to see what sort of hell today will be as I try to piece together what all happened yesterday. :( at least the smilies work again. :doh:



does anyone know of a forum running fusionbb? That's the forum software that our hosts can set us up with for a monthly fee.

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Batten Down the hatches mates...




Rob L. :cheers:

Hatch= A square thing-a-ma-jiggy that is used on sea going transportation vehicles (Ships) to cover holes in the decks. Holes having been put there for the purpose of loading and unloading cargo.

Batten= Canvas used to fill in the space between the hatch and the hole in the deck. Not needed with modern constructed vessels but was very necessary with the older wooden constructed ones. Prevented the holds from filling up with water and sinking the ship, to the dismay of the occupants of the sinking ship.

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