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Sweekey Squeek

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this has goota be fix it is buggin me to death on my 91 mj if i am ideling it is fine but if i rev it up to like 2 grand is starts sweeking like crazy and if i spray blet dressing on it it stops 4 a little while and comes back the next day i no it sounds like a cerpintine belt but i was wondering if it could be any thing elz that might just need oil on it or somthing liek that i don't want to just go and replace a part if i don't no for shure it is that you no and if yall think it is that how hard is it to replace it i mean i no how i just want to no how hard it is lol

thanks for any help

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I have it going on right now with mine and the bearings in my alternator are shot. A good way to test this out would be to turn your lights, heater, and any other power accessories you have and see if it gets worse. Mine seems to do it mostly when I am running my elec. fan, The fan draws like 30amps because it is a high performance model, but this puts a load on the alternator and then causes the bearings to get sticky and the belt to slip. If you are gonna replace the alternator go with Powermaster you can get a 100amp alt. for a little over $100 and it is all new construction.

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I have an annoying squeaking noise that disapears if I rest my foot on the clutch. :hmm:

that's the plastic bushings. A bit of silicone spray on those goes a long way.

Mine started squeaking wen it got cold.


I think that could be the through-out bearing too.

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