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Chrysler has NO idea what's going on... weird


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apparently i had a 3.X liter v6 in my truck :nuts:

this is the build sheet they emailed me...



Dear Nick:


Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center

regarding your 1989 Jeep Comanche.


According to our records, your vehicle was equipped from the factory

with the following:


*X2 - No description found

-SA - Charcoal

APAS - Monotone Paint

BAYP - 85 Amp Alternator

BCYP - 95 Amp Battery

BGAS - Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes

BJAS - No description found

BKPS - 10x2.5 Rear Drum Brakes

CBAP - Straight Back Bench Seat

CKA - Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area

CSRS - Passenger Assist Handles

CUMS - Mini Floor Console


DBBC - All Manual Transmissions

DDX - 5-Speed HD Manual Transmission

DHNS - Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System

DJHS - Dana M30/181MM Front Axle

DMMS - 3.07 Axle Ratio

DRJS - Dana M35/194MM Rear Axle

EAAC - All Engines

EAFC - No description found

ERB - 3.XL Mid V6 Engine

GACS - Tinted Glass Windows

GBBS - Tinted Windshield Glass

GCBS - Front Door Tinted Glass

GEHS - Fixed Door Vent Glass

GFD - Rear Sliding Window

GNAS - Rear View Day/Night Mirror

GRVP - Left Manual Mirror

GUAS - Pwr Htd Drvr Memory Mirrors, F/Away

HAA - Air Conditioning

JAAS - Instrument Panel

JAY - Instrument Cluster w/Tach

JBFS - Instrument Panel Black Bezel

JCAS - 85 MPH Primary Speedometer

JGBP - Digital Clock

JJA - Cigar Lighter

JKBS - Inst Panel Mounted Hood Release




LAFS - Key in Ign/Seat Belt Warning Buzzer

LAPS - Shift Indicator Warning Lamp

LBCS - Glove Box Lamp

LCJS - Overhead Ambient Surround Lighting

LMAS - Halogen Headlamps

MBJ - Black Front Bumper

MB1S - Black Front Bumper

MFFS - Black Grille

MHBS - Bright Windshield Moldings

MMCS - Upper Door Frame Moldings

MMGS - Belt Moldings

MMJS - Molded-In-Color Fender Flares

NAAS - Federal Emissions

NBAS - Underground Calibration

NBKS - EVAP Control System

NDAS - Catalytic Converter

NF2S - 18.5 Gallon Fuel Tank


RAAC - All Radio Equipped Vehicles

RAF - AM/FM Cassette Radio

RCDP - 4 Speakers

SBAA - Power Rack and Pinion Steering

SCBS - 2-Spoke Steering Wheel

SFAS - Standard Duty Shock Absorbers

SGAS - Rear Shock Absorbers

TAAC - All Tires

TBCS - Compact Spare Tire

TBMS - Tire Carrier Winch

TMW - P215/75R15 OWL All Terrain Tires

WJM - 15X7.0 Chrome Wheels

XBSS - Pickup Box

XFAS - -35F Protection Anti-Freeze

YAAS - Build To U S Market Specifications

YGGA - 9 Additional Gallons of Gas

Z01P - Rear Spring Group I

Z5AS - GVW/Payload Rating

Z66P - Left Front Group XV

Z85P - Right Front Spring Group XIV


1AAS - U.S. Dealer Retail

161S - Zone 61-Atlanta

5ALA - Low Series Tracking


Please note that this list does not include any additions or

modifications made to the vehicle after leaving the factory.


Thank you again for your email.

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oh and, 18.5 gallon tank? usually when i fill up from straight on the bottom white line i get 14 and some change. ??



uh? tinted glass? no sirry.


Molded-In-Color Fender Flares .... molded in GRAY? if thats what you meant. definately not color keyed.


everything else is fairly accurate thoguh.

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just go to the jeep site, i don't remember exactly where i found it but poke around I'm sure its not too hidden, there is a place for jeep owners to email them and you have to fill in a bunch of information and write a short email bout what you want. free of charge takes a couple days to respond... got to go to work NOW though so ill respond more later if needed.

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All you have to do is contact DCX Customer Service via Jeep's (or Dodge's, or Chrysler's ... they all go to the same place) website and submit the last either 7 or 8 digits of your VIN (it's been a while since I did it, but I think it is the last 8).


It took me about 3 days to get mine, and yeah, there was some info that was, shall we say, suspect. Of course, they really didn't want to know me when they realized the first one I asked about was a '92 Plymouth Sundance!


I was thinking that ERB was the code for the 3.3L FFV (E85-capable) engine. Without going out and lifting the hood on my wife's Caravan, I can't be 100% sure, but I think that's what it is. If I get real nice and motivated, I might go take a look.


Interesting indeed to see that they're reusing some of the old codes for new stuff ... wonder what the Charger/Magnum police package goes by. It sure would be neat if they were giving them the time-honored A38 option code, or even AHB (which replaced A38), for that matter.


BTW, I'll bet those power, heated, folding mirrors are nice this time of year, too. :roll:

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E-mail from Chryco:


Dear Kassidy:


Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center.


The Chrysler Historical Foundation has much information on historic and

vintage vehicles, as well as other historic information available.


For a fee, they will provide:


- Build records on 1986 and older cars

- Service manuals for vehicles built from 1932 forward

- Copies of most owner's manuals

- Stock photos of most vehicles

- Much more


Send your request to:


Chrysler Antique/Historical Foundation

One Chrysler Drive East

CIMS 488-00-00

Auburn Hills, MI 48325-2778


You can also visit their web site at: http://www.chryslerheritage.com


Thanks again for your email.






Senior Staff Representative

Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center


For any future communications related to this email, please refer to the

following information:






I have to pay to find out my '86's info, so I suggest anyone with an '87 get on things quick, before they become 20 years old as well!

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Forgot the pricing and such...


Owner's and Service Manuals:

$25 - 50


8X10 Photographs:

$15.00 Black and White;

$25.00 Color (check for availability)


Build records:

$45 - cars

$25 - trucks (no decoding available)


Yeah, sucky. Get on Chrysler fast if you have an '87!!!

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That is good info to have. And as far as pricing goes, it's not out of line at all, at least for the build sheets. I sent off and got one from Studebaker Autoparts Sales Corporation a few years ago as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine (he has a '64 Studebaker GT Hawk), and I seem to recall it was about the same price.


If you're wondering why the price is that high, keep in mind that a lot of the older files are probably just that: FILES. They probably keep them in drawers, and they have to be copied or transcribed. It's time consuming and labor intensive in many cases.


Oh, WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I just went to their website and it says, and I quote:


"No Jeep, AMC or Canadian-built cars available."


That sucks really, really bad.

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