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Oil leak/leaks? (pics)

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I've been trying to figure this out. I drained my oil and put a new gasket on my plug and all. I think it slowed my leak but there is still drips of the oil pan. Also, the transmission is soaked. Whats up with that? Am I hurting stuff? What can I do? I've even retightened my plug. I don't want to strip anything. I'm not sure where these are coming from. Please help.Thanks!





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Looks like rear main seal/pan gasket to me. You may want to look at your oil filter adapter also. Is there a buildup of oil on your oil filter? For pan gasket there is a really good one piece blue Felpro if you have the 4.0. Get a new drain plug as well and you should be set for only a little bit of coin.

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You probably have one of the rare 4.0l motors that leak from the rear main seal or valve cover gasket. 1 in a million chance that the oil filter adapter o-ring could be leaking too. :smart:

Just messing around but every 4.0 I've ever seen leaked at the rear main, including my 04 TJ when it had 3,500 miles. Just one of the very few draw backs to the 4 liter.

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My best advice is to pressure wash everything and then WATCH for where the leak comes from.


Things known to leak....


1) Valve cover gasket

2) Rear main

3) Oil filter o-ring

4) oil sending unit

5) Blow-by


Chasing it can be a chore and it is better to find the source.


On my 96 XJ, oil was leaking THROUGH the pan due to corrosion and I had to replace the pan itself.


In my experience, it LOOKS like the rear main, but again, I recommend cleaning and monitoring.

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If the air filter is soaked with oil, your crank case is running with a positive pressure.


This is caused by a plugged/restricted vent line. (The line running from the back of the


valve cover to the intake manifold)


A crank case running with a positive pressure will try and puke oil out everywhere it can.


RMS, VC gasket, air box.


Myself, before fixing any oil leaks, I would make sure the crank case is running


under negative pressure.


Kind of makes sense, pressurize a vessel (engine) with liquid (oil) and it will try and push the


liquid out any opening or weak point. Put it under neg pressure like it is supposed to be


and the oil tries to stay in the block where it belongs.



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