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Anyone know what Axle this is???


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For as plentiful as XJ D30's are you might as well wait to find one thats right.


If the gears don't match your rear, or it doesn't have gears that are worth making your rear match, and that its low pinion, I would say its probably not worth picking up.


it could have 3.55 or 3.73 in that housing, 3.55 is the most common in XJs, so it might match your rear.


If it has 3.73, then you would need to regear your rear to match it(probably using ZJ d35 gears).

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What engine? (4 cylinder or V6, count number of spark plug wires if not sure)


Automatic transmission or stick. If stick, 4 speed or 5 speed?


You could always try to read the tag attached to the rear axle, or pull the cover and count teeth, or see what numbers are stamped into the outer edge of the ring gear.

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