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ok, so i know any car can last as long as its kept up with as far as maitenence. my dads s-10 has about 280k and looks and drives like new. but I'm wondering about how the 2.5L holds up. my girlfriends dad was going to scrap his comanche and told her she could take it in the woods and have fun with it til it dies but i decided to save a jeeps life.....maybe

it was his daily driver for quite some time so its been in running order this whole time, but its up to about 276k. its an '88 pioneer 4cyl 2wd with a 4spd. my guess is that if i wanted to do anything with it, id have to completely rebuild the motor or replace it right off the bat. does anyone agree? disagree? how about the tranny? I'm not looking to build a mud truck just yet or anything, i think i mostly just want heat, a fuel gauge that works and to be able to shift gears myself. how long do you think it would last as is?


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thanks, thats good news :cheers:

i know there is something wrong with the ignition. thats why it currently sits about 50 miles away. I'm goin to mess with it again in the morning. I'm hoping the key was just stuck and its not the ignition switch but i might have to hotwire it to get it home. anyways, it was running before the key "got stuck"

(my gf's dad sold it for a few hundred bucks but they brought it back for their $ because the key wouldnt turn. now thats a common problem with any car, but also an easy fix. but right now theres only half the steering column's components still attatched because her dad thought there was something wrong with the tumblers and they tore it all apart so idk whats gonna happen now)

but shouldnt i be worried about anything being warped if i wanna make it a new daily driver? is it an easy motor to clean up?

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i figured there would be a lot of people doing swaps...

though every time i go to the junkyard all i find is 4.0s with the head taken off already so its basically open cylinders filled with rust colored water :wall:

anyways i just saw the truck again yesterday...though i didnt spend much time with it. i had to work at 2 andy my gf now drives a mini cooper so i was just drivin that around for a while instead :thumbsup: ...fun lil car. especially with the 5spd


but yeah, first time seein the comanche in the daylight. the floors are rotted out but other than that i should be able to clean 'er up really nice. ill have to throw up a pic. still not sure what i wanna do with it yet so if anyone wants to make an offer, I'm sure ill consider selling. I'm in central FL....space coast area

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I'm going to at least get it home first. I'm going to clean it up and maybe do some light body work on it first. i mean, my gf's dad was going to scrap it, so he would have gotten at least $100 out of it but since I'm taking it for nothing, i can't really sell it off of his property ya know? but i should have it home within the next couple of weeks probably. ill give it a good cleaning inside and out and then ill figure out what i wanna do. but theres a big possibility i would sell it

i would have posted in the classifieds if i knew for sure but thanks for lookin...ill keep posting

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