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New dude


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My name is Paul i live in oregon and i run a car audio shop.

I am looking at a mj that was a 2wd and has been converted to a 4wd .

Do any of you have any words of wisdomw for me i am new to mj's but not to jeeps.

I have had more then my share of xj's and yj's.

Is there anything i shold look for any thing i should look for that would make me want to run from this thing.

Its all stock exept for the conversion.

Any help would be great and if this goes threw i will be looking forward to talking to all of you .

If any one needs audio help or wireing ? please pm me

Thank you for any and all help


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if it has a lift how well is it put together, rust on under the rear fender flairs and under the carpet, and whats under the hood. also bed rust. I'm sure i missed a lot but i hope i helped. Btw welcome to the club :wavey:



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I have had some really bad luck.

I am more curious about the conversion is there anything to look for there .

Rust I'm not to worrie about i have a body shop that i can take care of most of that .

Its not lifted anymore he took the lift off becouse the lift he had was used and some parts were missing.

or worn out so he put it back to stock hight .

I know the gas tank is in the bed he said he pulled it to make room for a air tank.

Will a xj lift fit a comanche

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Grab a spot on the couch, beer is in the fridge. Welcome to the madness.


Things to look out for:

BA 10/5 manual transmission

Rust/rot over the rear wheels

Rust/rot on the cab corners

Rust/rot on the rockers

Floorboards are notorious rusters


Pluses to keep an eye out for:

D44 rear

Cargo light

Factory brush guard

Hidden winch



The front lift of an XJ will work the same on an MJ, but the rear is a whole 'nother baby. The MJ is spring under, and the springs are more inboard than that of the XJ. So unlike an XJ, you can spring over the rear of an MJ like a YJ, and net some cheap lift.


Rob L. :cheers:

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Thank you all for the info .

The comanche mat not work out

The guy seems to be a flake.

I have been doing as much research as i can and wow

I want one bad now.

So lol if any one has one to get ride of lol

I will keep checking back and seeing what all of you are up to and ill keep you posted as to what i get.

thank you much

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well i got my new rig .

I'm not part of the comache crew but I'm still

part of the jeep clan.

I got a 93 xj.

Its got some good stuff on it.

Flow daddy header (to stock exhast )

Back woods intake ( home made )

Rusty's 4.5" lift

Rusty's adj lowers links

rusty's adj track bar.

31" bighorn's

15x10 american raceing daytona's.

I'm looking for a bunch of stuff so if any one has stuff they

want to get rid of shoot me a pm .

front bumper with winch mount

rear bumper rock slideres roof rack.

and any other goodies.

I'm a traden fool sence most every one I know

is broke as am I

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