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What is Needed for a 4cyl to inline 6

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I have too kind of agree with Darren,there are not enough benefits to the swap to justify it.


Only way I could justify the swap is if i planned to tow with the MJ. Performance gains are minor unless you do the HO swap,I have both a 2.5L and a 4.0L the 2.5l is my dd so I rarely drive the 4.0l truck but when I do its not like I'm blown away by the power difference.


And as far as offroad I don't see how having a 4.0l is gonna get you though anything a 4cyl won't.


If I was to do a swap from my 2.5l I think I would skip over the 4.0 and do something else.

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it all depends on what kind of project you're looking for. did I have to swap in those ford axles? did I need the headaches of adapting the radius arm suspension? inventing my own parts? hell no. my truck is not significantly tougher than a stock MJ with a 44 rear and upgraded front U-joints. but I wanted a project (and lord knows I got it :D )

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My advice in that thread is the only good advice. :smart:


Get over yourself. 4.0 MJs are not plentiful in most places. For most of us, we just can't "go get a 4.0 MJ".


Well first off, I won't ever get over myself, I'm just too damn cool.


4.0 MJs are not hard to find. The only justifiable reason to swap a 4.0 into a four-banger or V6 is if you had done a ton of custom fab work to the truck, i.e. A cage or rocker replacements or unibody stiffeners. Something that can't be removed.


I'm right and can't be convinced otherwise.

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