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My 1989 Disaster MJ

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How goes it CC!


I have been trolling around the forum for a long time now and I think its time to show off my little MJ. Bought her for 1 grand and thank god the previous owner was just as obsessed with maintenance as I am, for the last year all I have had to do is change the oil, address the high idle, and drive it.

Its just too bad she doesn't look as clean on the outside as she is on the inside.


177k miles, 4.0 BA10 (that is working beautifully) 2wd SWB with a 35 in the rear. Very minimal rust on the inside of the rear fender wells, a little rocker rot, and the everyday floor rot.


Next year I plan on starting a full on restoration.


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Hehe yeppers ain't no one messing with my jeep when my alarm is activated!


The wheels are part of my color scheme for my jeeps, black with metallic/silver accents. Just painted the center with rustoleum metallic paint. Have the same on my XJ but they are 15x10s. I still need to paint the center caps for the MJ It looks a little odd to me with out em.


here's the XJ before another 2inches of lift on 33" Mud rovers.


New update for the MJ project:


Just picked up the perfect donor XJ... 92 xj 4.0 aw4 2wd d35, body has beat inside and out multiple times by the ugly stick, but the 4.0 sounds perfect, aw4 shifts nicely as it should and just drives wonderfully even though the body is just a wreck.


Plans are to rip out the engine/trans and axle (maybe not sure about d35) get what i can from the body and have the local U Pull It come pick up the body.


Then is time to rebuild the engine, an AX15 with NP231, and swap it into the manch with the 92's harness and AC (my mj has factory ac delete) also swap in a dana 30 I have waiting.


Then cureing the cancer, paint and all other odds and ends.

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