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steering wheel

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hello all's !!


in my 1986 Mj, these's a leather steering wheel that was, I think, in a limited Xj, but the leather is badly old and crack

if I remove it, will I have the standard plastic/ rubber steering wheel ???

the same color as the center of the wheel maybe


thanks !!

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i wondered that myself so when at the jy one day i cut one apart from a laredo. there is no black plastic on that one, the steel steering wheel, some padding and then the leather wrap. i don't know if thats the same on all models, i would asume if it's not black plastic originally, then there's nothing underneath the leather but padding.

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Buy a leather cover from Pep Boys and spend an afternoon lacing it on.



I did that to my MJ wheel. turned out awesome. :D lot of work though. I used a kit from JC Whitney. not sure if they are all made equal.


don't really have a photo of the wheel itself though. :dunno:



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Just about any GM pre-airbag wheel will work on our MJs sunce it's the same steering column. So you choices are many. I used one from an 87 Buick Turbo Regal. :D





very nice steering wheel, but something tell me in my heart to stay with an oem jeep steering wheel

it is in my head maybe :nuts:

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