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Newark CA PNP - 91 MJ

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Sad to say, another (HO) MJ bit the dust...Decent shape too, 133K miles. Let me know if you have specific questions about it.

Info: 91 MJ 4.0L 2WD, AW4 (column shift), SB, D35, bench seat (tan color, no rips/ tears), camper shell (too small for MJ)

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Very sorry to hear about the loss. Are you really sure it is beyond economic repair? Were you at "fault" or was the "other guy? I ask this because last year, my 91 MJ got trashed while parked by some person who was at a stop sign and did not see the "speeding" car who had the right of way.


I collected on her insurance to properly fix the truck, but the insurance co. branded my title after agreeing not to brand the title.


My truck is also a 91 with a column shift Automatic and I would like to have (for a very reasonable price) the standard cluster in the truck. Will you consider a very reasonable price if you get others to buy parts?


Thanks for your reply,


John Jackson

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Hey guys- Went back to the yard today-- the sender/pump assembly had been pulled. As for the instrument cluster, I sent you a couple pm's, but never heard back regarding the price. I confirmed from the yard it would cost $38 for the cluster. Not sure when I'm heading back though.

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