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newbie questions

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couple of questions.

1. i have a hi pinion 30 front and 35 rear axle. they are 3.07s.(at least in the front) the rear tag is long rusted way. i have a 3.55 rear ring and pinion set already. i have noticed some wranglers are off 1(4.10 and 4.11).do the comanches require matching gear sets or are they supposed to be 1 off for the front?


2.how do you i.d. what trans is is under the stick? its a 5 speed.

2.5.can you tell by the shift knob?

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Trans: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11699


The difference in 4.10 or 4.11 is usually just people not knowing the actual gearing of their axles.


For the 4.10 ish range, the Dana 30, Dana 35, Chrysler 8.25, and I believe the ford 8.8 all have 41 on the ring, 10 on the pinion. This gives you exactly 4.10:1 gearing, no rounding.


The Dana 44 has 45 on the ring and 11 on the pinion, giving you 4.090909090909090.... rounded to 4.09. AFAIK, no common Jeep axle has a 4.11 ratio.


If you're dealing with Dana 30 and Dana 35, all the ratios exactly match between the two.

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If you have an 89 4.0 it's likely to be the Ba/105


No, 1989 was the year they made a mid-year change from the BA 10/5 to the AX-15. It could be either. The only way to know is to crawl under and look. The BA 10/5 case is split vertically along the length. The AX-15 is split transversely into a front half and a rear half, with a spacer between the front and rear sections.

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