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hey....i got another whats it worth...with pics!


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so I'm driving down the road and i see this thing sitting in the front yard...of course i gotta stop to see it.

1967 m510a

i guess it was a little missle launcher at some point.

the guy has no clue about the background.

selling it for 10K

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Image Not Found


neat huh?



so then i start snooping around his yard and i came across this.

1947 cj2a

he told me he would include all the parts he has for it, and its alot.

i guess from what he says, its everything else needed to restore it to almost 100%

$500 takes it all...no title, but he may be able to get one.








is it worth it?....the jeep not the rocket launcher....oh yeah, the launcher has a jeep engine in it too!

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You should listen to that gut feeling of yours. There is a reason that your gut made you perk up at the CJ. YES! Spend the money! Even if you don't rebuild it, which you should, a few well placed advertisements will provide a sale.


On the other hand, if you put the snow plow on the front of the 510a, your business would increase just for the sheer "cool" factor. Your customers would be begging you to plow with it. :D

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that would be cool to plow with....I'm gonna go see what other parts he has for it.


If you lived in Alabama you could daily drive it,

as is. :yes:


I'd like it for a little pocket sized trail truck. :thumbsup:


If you're running stock sized tires, you can even get it back & forth to the trails inside the bed of a LWB fs pickup.

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