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should be battery, block, starter, and there's a couple that attach to the left + right inner fenders.. also the tailight/fuel pump ground behind the taillight.. those are all i can think of...


To cover a little more ground...

On the block it is on the passenger side near the distributor/oil filter, the tail light/ fuel pump ground can be found behind the drivers side tail light.

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Thanks guys. The one behind the drivers side tail light, does the lens itself have to be removed to get to it?


the lens is only four screws even i can take those off without screwing up ;)



clearly you don't live in the rust belt. :D


ahh i always forget I'm the odd ball on CC :shake: but yeah actually the first time i took my lenses off the screws were rusty and i replaced them with stainless screws so that helped :D i feel for you guys though i have a rusted out 75 maverick and 64 ford pickup so I'm due for my share of welding :ack:

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