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air shocks?

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anyone using air shocks for the front of your mj?


I'm looking to get a set for my 88 to hold up the plow in the winter a little better.

also, id like to get them for the back for the extra weight that goes in it like salt, etc...

anyone got any good recs?

i know the auto stores around here don't have them.

and i really don't wanna spend a ton...ya know....... who does?

thanks again,


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I don't even know of a source for front air shocks. I'm sure you could use an adapter and put some rear air shocks on there, but the weight of the plow should be on springs and not the shocks. another leaf in your rear pack might give you the weight capacity you're looking for.


Some ZJ V-8 coils in the front shoud fix you up and may or may not give you an inch or so of lift (until you put the plow on).


Maybe some ACOS would be a better choice.



Better hurry...winters comin'


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sorry to bring up old post, but will these air bags work on my truck with the 2.5" coil spacer on it?

plus, I'm looking to order air shocks for the rear of my 88 also to carry a heavier load...well just so it don't squat on me

on the rear, theres an add a leaf, so there is around 2.5" - 3" lift there also.



thanks in advanced auto, :D


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My brother runs air shocks front and rear on his plow mj. Pressure them up, zero sag but a bit of a rough ride. Only way I'd go for a plow mj.



Bumper to bumper carries/can get them, but you will need to flex the jeep out with NO shocks on, and measure to determine the length you will need in order to cross-reference part numbers.

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I have put air shocks on my Toyota 4X4s and Triumph Spitfires - Should be no dif for a Jeep - 1st get dimensions of the Jeep shocks - Gabriel & Monroe both have decent web sites/charts - 2nd find air shocks with same/very close dimensions - 3rd you'll probably have to switch upper OR lower OR both bushings on the rear air shocks with the ones from the jeep shocks - FWIW, Mazda MPV air shocks work on '84-'95.5 Toyotas & VW Beetle units worked on my '71 & '75 Triumphs.

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you lost me at flex the jeep


If your current shocks are the right length, you can just take them off and measure the compressed and extended lengths.


If they are not the right length now, or you want to make sure they are...

1) Pull shocks off

2) Find somewhere to flex the suspension all the way. You can get creative, just make sure it's stable before getting out and under your truck!!!!! something like this...



3) If your tires are rubbing, you will need to extend your bumpstops and start over.

4) Measure the distance between the shock mounting points at all 4 corners.

5) Factor in a little extra for compression so the shock doesn't bottom out. About an inch is good. For example, if you measure 16" compressed, get a shock around 15" long when compressed. Depending on your suspension setup, you can't always find a shock that is long enough when extended (this is where limiting straps come into play). I always try to get the longest travel shock that has the proper compressed length.

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I'm not flexing my truck out like that

ill just take off my shock

thanks for the info



then you're an idiot, and your not doing it right.



last time I try to help you. go pay someone to do the work properly, cause you're obviously incapable of doing it.

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Well since no one was willing to give you advice here goes.


First: Get rid of those spring spacers and buy the right springs for your 3" lift. The springs will be stiffer than the OEM ones you have and due to the age and fatigue of the steel, thus the ride height will be higher than stock and have more capacity.


Second: After installing said springs see how far your plow weighs your truck down in front.


Third: If needed install a set of acos adjustable spring spacers, these are all aluminum and they have built in bump stops. They add 1.5" of lift minimum. Don't try to get 4.5" of lift with these, get the proper 3" lift springs and these if still not enough.


Don't cheap out on front suspension parts, the oem springs are around 170# rating, the aftermarkets are usually around 240# so they will support the plow much better than the oem springs will.

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:agree: This is an amateur site , if the self-proclaimed " Pros" are frustrated by us trying to understand some concepts , then just opt out of the topic . The name calling is just plain childish :no:



I'm sorry. many of us are frustrated, because when Sterling Stinger asks a question, and you answer it, he WILL NOT EVER do what you suggest.



the guy seriously only seems to post so that he can ignore our advice. flexing out a vehicle is the simplest concept...and it does NOT require that you flex it nearly as much as the ones in the pictures. he can't even grasp the concept, therefore I'm telling him he should get out of the hobby.



on top of that, he thinks that Acos or whatever are a good idea....I can buy 4 air shocks and a 12v compressor for the price of an Acos.




and, I gotta say...there are certainly a good handful of people here who ARE the "self-proclaimed pro's" you speak of. I'm one of them. bet I could completely tear down and rebuild a comanche faster than you, with a better finished product, and less money spent. (you know, I've only owned what...25 or 26 MJ's torn most of them down to the ground, and 9-10xj's, and 1 zj, plus worked on another 20 or so....)

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