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Looking at buying a 1990 sport truck comanche

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You're providing very little details, we need mainly price, year, and if there's anything known wrong with it.


66k miles on a 18+ year old truck can be a blessing or a nightmare. If they've been spread out and the truck maintained, it should be good to you. If it got those 66k miles in the first 4 years of its life and has sat ever since, you will need to do quite a bit to the truck to even get it moving.


Also, the Sportruck package generally had crappy decals on the side and very little options. It also probably has an AX-4 with 3.55 gearing, vs. the more favorable AX-5 with 4.10 axle gearing.

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Tomorrow I will go see it in person and drive it. They want 1200 for it so pricepoint Seems good? How can I tell what 4 cyl model it has? I will be daily driving it so I would also like to know how reliable these trucks are. Are they expensive to maintain and locate parts I'm a mechanically inclined guy and do the majority of the work on my vehicles


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Watch out for rusted unibody, mainly the floors under the seats.


I chose the 4.0 over the 2.5 because it is a much better motor. Managed to get a 5spd version, 2WD.


If the body and frame aren't rusted out, I'd say go for it, you can always swap out the drivetrain.




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Since the 4 cylinder has 33.33% fewer moving parts than the 6 cylinder means it is 33.33% more reliable. That's 33.3% fewer parts to possibly malfunction.

I have a 1988 MJ with 2.5, 4sp and 3.55 rear end. I drive 75 on pavement. Gets 21-23mpg and so far has been trouble free and very reliable.223K on the clock. Don't let a 2.5 stop you from buying. Jim

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Any other advice? Are these 4 cylinders reliable?

I have the 4cyl 4spd 89 Sportruck. It is reliable and seemingly easy to work on. Sportruck means you get no fluff or fringes, pretty much a basic, bare bones truck. Do I sometimes wish I had the power of a 4.0 L ? Yes! You won't win any drag races with the 2.5. Do I love my Comanche ? Yes!!, and you will find the guys on this site to be a huge source of knowledge and information as you tweak you MJ and become hooked like the rest of us. Good Luck!

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