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Opinions concerns with this lift..


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I started out with Rusty's on my old XJ, and the only parts I have left are the coils. Granted this was about 6+ years ago, and their quality may have improved since then, but most of the kit didn't make it 2 years.


After about a year the LCAs started clunking real bad and I had to weld them solid (were adjustable but no flex joints like they have now). After a couple years, the welds on the trackbar mount started to break (I had heard the stories, so I was keeping a look out... good thing too!) I only had their front end components, so I can't speak for their leaf packs. The only thing I am still running are the Coils, and LCA's...after I welded them!


I will note that I love the coils! I have the 4.5" XJ coils with 1.5" spacers and drop brackets and it rides and flexes great! They have held up to tons of abuse over 6 years and 2 Jeeps, and are still in great shape with no sagging, etc...

That is however the only part folks seem to like, as I have heard many say the same thing.


If you want to piece a kit together, I can recommend the coils, but only if they are still the same as the old ones. As far as any of the other components, I know I'll be staying away!

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