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I bought this 89 Sportruck in 2002 hoping it would last 2 yrs while I did some remodeling and landscaping. It was a good size and ugly as heck so dents and scratches were of no concern. I put new tires from Costco and got a tune up w/ oil change. That was about all I did to it for about 7 yrs while using it for Home depot and dump runs, putting about 1000 mi. per year as the spider webs encased the lower half.

As the years went by and I knew I could depend on this truck, I decided to drive it almost daily. It has never broken down and has always started. I acquired two dogs and figured a shell on the truck would suit their travel needs so I found this brand new shell for $300 and then I bought $120 of spray can bedliner and "painted " the entire truck except for the bed, of course.

So anyhow, this is a 2.5 2wd 4spd with bench seat. I just turned 140k and put almost new Michelins on '97 xj rims to replace the ugliest rims that came with it. Thanks for this site, it's beyond great! Remi.

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