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Hey there guys and gals. Just wanted to introduce myself.

I recently bought my first MJ. But am not new to jeeps. I had a 91 XJ with a 3.5" lift and a 4.7 stroker motor. But to the MJ. Here's some specs:

91' MJ LWB



2WD... for now anyway


First and foremost project is to get my MJ 4WD I plan on finding a 91-95 XJ and swap the whole drivetrain over. Also, the interior if it's possible.

Also, looking for the door pin trick, to make my doors removable like a Wrangler's.


Any help, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Thanks. I forgot to mention how much I stole this thing for. I drove 4 hours to get it. And paid $550. Has 157000 on it. And drove it home no problem. The guy was skeptical because he thought the transmission slipped. But u think I came to the conclusion it's the torque converter. I'm really proud of my find.

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