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clown loaches...

Pete M

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The ones I had were little a** h****. :yes:


Mean as anything, would flip over and use their upside down mouths to torment the other fish.


I think there was a red tail black shark that they took extra pleasure in going after.


I guess I should've goven them some snails to devourer instead. :D


Beautiful fish tho,

I probably should've tried getting them again later on when I had a less peaceful tank (more aggressive fish)

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weird thing is that clown loaches were listed as "community fish". :dunno:


My red tailed shark is the bully of my tank. :D Oldest fish i have too.


I might have just got a 'bad batch', I found other catfish I liked (cory cats, upside down cats, bumblebee cats, etc), and went with those after the Clown Loaches were gone.


One I really liked was an angelicus cat (the spotted silver/white kind), I had a pair in a brackish tank (with a figure 8 puffer, and some other brackish fish).


When one of the pair died, I 'converted' the other to salt (gradually increased salt levels, till it was the same as my salt tank).

Only fish I ever made money on, I think the pet store gave me like $25, because he was a salt water fish. :D

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