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homemade concealed holster


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i thought i would post this up for the few who might be interested.

Well dad wanted a concealable holster that he could tuck his shirt with. There was nothing on the market so he decided to make his own.

to start he ordered a sheet of kydex

http://www.eplastics.com/Plastic/Kydex? ... sgodIkjyFA

he used his airsoft gun(replica of a S&W) to form the holster.

he ended up getting frustrated because he couldnt get the gun to lock in and when he did it was too tight. so i came home from work and was able to get it close. then we put his actual carry gun in and it fit PERFECT.

now he just has to trim it some and move the top bolt down a bit so he can wrap his finger around.

you can see how slim it is

the plan is to have a bar that rivets to it goes down then loops back up and clips to the pants all on the inside so u can tuck a shirt in. what do ya think?

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yeah I'm gunna probably make another one for me.... for when i turn 21 :shake: stupid sc law... u can own a handgun at 18 but you can't buy it from a dealer and u can't conceal!!! :fs1:

Thats because concealment of a firearm is a major responsibility , often times having the weapon makes situations more unsafe . I can't say I know a hole lot of even 21 year old

guys that NEED a concealed handgun permit , there are so many laws put into use protecting criminals that there is almost no use for them anymore .


All these fuggin tree huggers around here call the cops at just the sight of a handgun . Bunch of namby pambies called the police when a local OFF DUTY police officer was seen

loading his pistol in the trunk of his car before heading out to a MANDATORY shooting practice . He was later mobbed by police being completely surrounded by squad cars .

Ended up on the news that the guy was all within his legal limit and no charges were filed .

What a waste of taxpayers dollars , I hope the fuggin tree huggers realize how are country was founded .

( With open mouth and rifle in hand ) . As soon as they take the rifle , there goes your freedom .

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Thats what I've been saying for 10 years since I got my class 3 weapons license but every year they put more and more laws on the use , sales and ownership of firearms .


Nothing against you or anyone trying to conceal legally by all means its constitutional right . I carry mine every day , luckily I've never used any of my licensed arms to protect

my store and family or my licenses could be revoked , I used a Walter pistol to protect a store I worked for a couple of years ago , two guys come in weapons drawn , I fired two

rounds at the exit sign just above their heads , they scrambled out the door solving the problem . NOT for the cops , they questioned me , confiscated my weapon and almost

took me in for more questioning .


End of the story , I lost my weapons license ( had to appeal to get a new one ) and I never got my walter back . Police evidence weapons in this county are demolished upon

the release from the evidence locker . Fair ? NO . but thats what happened , I should have waited for them to fire first , but then I'd be dead right ?

So who's right in all this .. not me , the law . All that effort went into them trying to find anything I did wrong first . Meanwhile the real crooks ran a muck and for some crazy

reason they never got the guy's . Check up on your local laws and keep up with current law changes if you want to stay away from the fuzz .

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I'm sure someone must make a tuckable for the M&P c. (nice lil piece, by the way), but it is great thatyou can make your own. I've made a couple of pocket holsters for my Beretta and P3AT. Wife couldn't figure out why I wanted her old leather purses :)

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Nice, I can see something like that whenever i get my concealed carry license... when I'm 21

I didn't think Kansas was different cause I'm pretty sure here in Missouri got to be 25 to get concealed permit. 18 for shotgun and rifle, 21 for handgun. need to check and see if that is right though.

Every time I go to buy 22 rounds I have to tell them its for a rifle, cause they "can't" sell handgun ammo to me until I'm 21. :nuts:

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We have very strict gun laws here in Canada , registeries & licence required for all weapons , hand guns even tougher , EXCEPT in cattle country (un-officially of course ) where we wear our side-arms on our hip and our long guns in the saddle scabbard where we can can reach our workin' tools as required for the situation as needed ;) We got nothin' to hide :thumbsup:

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